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Penllyn (PFCD188) £12.50/£17.50

The collected solo piano music of Peter Reynolds
Pianist Duncan Honeybourne


Peter Reynolds (1958-2016)

1 Epithalamion (2011) premiere recording 2.06
2 Penllyn (2016) premiere recording 4.28
Three Piano Pieces for Children (2011) premiere recording
3 Three Piano Pieces for Children i. Far down in the Forest 2.13
4 Three Piano Pieces for Children ii. Thumbelina 1.33
5 Three Piano Pieces for Children iii. The Last dream of the Old Oak 1.52
6 Bayvil (2011) premiere recording 9.00

David Power (b.1962) Seven Afterthoughts (2021) premiere recording

7 Seven Afterthoughts i. The First Afterthought 1.40
8 Seven Afterthoughts ii. The Second Afterthought 2.38
9 Seven Afterthoughts iii. The Third Afterthought 1.43
10 Seven Afterthoughts iv. The Fourth Afterthought 1.35
11 Seven Afterthoughts v. The Fifth Afterthought 1.11
12 Seven Afterthoughts vi. Half Lit World 1.56
13 Seven Afterthoughts vii. The Final Afterthought 1.54

Peter Reynolds

14 Ein Kleines Albumblatt für Bären (2015) premiere recording 2.13
15 Ecco Mormorar L’onde (2013) premiere recording 7.45
16 Lullaby (2009) premiere recording 2.43
17 In One Spot (2009) premiere recording 3.59

Luke Whitlock (b.1978) Oceanic Interludes (2020-21) complete premiere recording

18 Oceanic Interludes i. Refractions of Light 4.27
19 Oceanic Interludes ii. Deep Sea Dreaming 5.49
20 Oceanic Interludes iii. The Shoal 3.53

Encore.... Peter Reynolds

21 Tango (1992) premiere recording 6.06

"...sensitively performed by Duncan Honeybourne and sympathetically produced by Luke Whitlock." David Truslove, Wales Arts Review

"Production values throughout are consistently high – thank heavens for pianists as reliably resourceful and adventurous as Duncan Honeybourne... this disc forms a very fitting tribute to a fondly-remembered figure." Kevin Mandry, British Music Society

Penllyn CD

"This disc is dedicated to the memory of a very fine composer and good friend, Peter Reynolds. His unexpected death in 2016 was felt far and wide amongst his friends and colleagues, and has left a gap not only in the world of contemporary classical music, and in the academic realms of music education, but also in many peoples’ lives too. This exceptionally unassuming man was a very fine composer and an avid supporter of other musicians, both as a teacher and as a champion of performances and recordings of new and neglected works. Penllyn is the culmination and premiere recording of not only all of Peter’s found works for solo piano, which needed tracking down at The National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth and at Tŷ Cerdd in Cardiff, but is also an outpouring of love from many of those who knew Peter best. So many of his friends and past students have come together to enable this recording project to come to fruition. Wherever you are now Peter, we hope that you’re happy with this disc. You are sorely missed!"
Luke Whitlock

Recorded at Holy Trinity Parish Church, Hereford, UK 14th November 2021 & 23rd January 2022
Producer Luke Whitlock
Engineer Steve Plews
Editor Phil Hardman
Peter Reynolds photo copyright Phil Thomas
Cover image copyright Linda Ingham

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Duncan Honeybourne

Duncan Honeybourne.
Duncan Honeybourne enjoys a diverse profile as a pianist and in music education. His concerto debut in 1998 at Symphony Hall, Birmingham, and the National Concert Hall, Dublin, was broadcast on radio and television, and recital debuts included London, Paris, and international festivals in Belgium and Switzerland. Duncan has toured extensively as soloist and chamber musician, broadcasting frequently for the BBC and radio networks worldwide. His many recordings reflect his interest in 20th and 21st century British piano music. He is a Tutor in Piano at the University of Southampton.