ASC CD149 Fine'n Yellow (£10) Kate Westbrook Mike Westbrook

Kate Westbrook voice | Mike Westbrook piano | Chris Biscoe saxophones, alto clarinet | Pete Whyman saxophones, clarinet, bass clarinet | Steve Berry double bass | Jon Hiseman drums
Dedicated to the memory of Margery and John Styles

“Mike Westbrook is opening new vistas in his writing” Franpi Barriaux, Citizen Jazz
“Chris Biscoe is marvellous on saxophone. Mike’s sparse piano playing, Ellingtonian and Monkish at the same time, is a beautiful mount for Kate’s dark voice, which is as extraordinary as ever. An amazing piece of work.” Pierre-Henri Ardonceau, Jazz Magazine
“Kate Westrook’s lyrics have been enriching partner Mike’s music since the 1970s, most recently with the Art Wolf project, but here I think she has surpassed herself. This is the Westbrook’s best release in a while – and that says a lot” Duncan Heining, Jazzwise