Welcome to ASC Records celebrating 20 years in 2015

ASC CD156 Black Ship Bright Sea (£10) John Bailey Quintet

The John Bailey Quintet features John Bailey (nylon string guitars), Richard Iles (flugelhorn), Tim France (sax), Gavin Barras (double bass) and Steve Hanley (drums). The quintet is based in the Northwest of England. The new album features entirely original material written by John. The music on 'Black Ship Bright Sea' draws on influences from 20th Century Classical music and from European Jazz. The compositional devices rely on crossing of melodies between instruments and simultaneous melodies instead of simple harmonised ones. Harmonically the movement of chords is not based particularly on a usual system seen in jazz composition; the techniques are more in line with those of Arvo Part, each note having absolute importance and all tones present for a reason.

"... an album of both intellect and mischief." Jazz Goes To Leeds review
"... quietly seductive set" Clive Cooper, Jazz Journal 03/15

ASC CD149 Fine'n Yellow (£10) Kate Westbrook Mike Westbrook

Fine ' Yellow CD

Kate Westbrook voice | Mike Westbrook piano | Chris Biscoe alto and soprano saxophones, alto clarinet |
Pete Whyman alto and soprano saxophones, clarinet, bass clarinet| Steve Berry double bass | Jon Hiseman drums

Dedicated to the memory of Margery and John Styles

ASC CD147 Depressions (£6) Steve Plews solo piano

Steve Plews piano

Recorded July 2014
CD (card wallet format)

ASC CD146 Style (£6) Steve Plews Guitar Trio

Steve Plews guitar/keyboard | Len Watley bass guitar* | Gavin Barras double bass | Nobby Clarke drums* | Johnny Hunter drums

Recorded 1984* and 2014
CD (card wallet format)

ASC @20! Choice Reissues!

To celebrate 20 years of ASC Records in 2015, we have reissued 3 of our favourite CDs in limited editions (card wallet format)

ASC CD155 Bootleg Eric (£6) Newton/Tracey Band

Dave Newton piano | Clark Tracey drums | Alan Barnes reeds | Guy Barker trumpet | Don Weller tenor sax |
Iain Dixon tenor sax | Mark Nightingale trombone| Andy Cleyndert double bass

When Wakefield Jazz celebrated its 10th Anniversary in 1997 this band was specially commissioned to write a suite, perform it and record a CD. Recorded live at Wakefield Jazz Club, April 1998.

"Packing all the ensemble punch of a big band...Weller's wonderfully blearly tenor...Barne's agile clarinet" (The Times)
"...strong performances all round...lovely solos from Alan Barnes...and the trumpet of Guy Barker" (Jazz UK)

ASC CD154 Cannonball (£6) Barnes/Weller Band

Alan Barnes reeds | Don Weller tenor sax | Steve Fishwick | trumpet | John Donaldson piano | Steve Brown drums | Alec Dankworth double bass

A tribute to Cannonball Adderley. Recorded live at Wakefield Jazz Club, May 2000.

"...energized and inventive thoughts on these classic tunes...a fine session" (Jazzwise)
"...the sextet assembled to play these charts generates a head of steam that would do justice to a big band" (Sunday Times)
" can hear musicians and audience having a ball" (Jazz UK)

ASC CD152 Anywhere (£6) Plews Ensemble

Steve Plews piano | Mike Walker guitar | Jeff Clyne double bass | Trevor Tomkins drums

"...absorbing set of original pieces...beautifully recorded" (Jazz UK)
"Mike Walker...his touch and originality shine out in an already impressive group, playing the pianist's evocative compositions" (The Scotsman)

ASC Reviews

ASC CD143 Derelict
"...explores darkly urban, alienating soundscapes, rebalanced by regular moments of quiet tenderness...a frank, heartfelt offering...conveying between the rugged lines a warm humanity" Lara Bellini review

ASC CD141 Paisean
"Jones does his magisterial stuff upfront...This quartet knows its way around jazz forms and offers not a few surprising amendments of its own." Jazz Journal, 03/13.

ASC CD135 Day of Reckoning
"A wonderfully varied programme..." Northern Echo, 01/13
"...the overall mood is swinging but edgy, with Jones wailing mightily." Independent, 06/12.
"Jones is formidable throughout..." Jazzwise, 08/12.

ASC CD133 secret spaces vol 2
"...a handsomely conceived and produced disc." Jazzwise, 08/12.
"A totally original, well paced programme and an innovative approach to jazz piano trio..." Jazz Journal, 08/12.

ASC CD131 Dragonfly
" oasis of unpretentious, nimble-fingered wit...the interplay with American bassist Joseph Lepore and drummer Nasheet Waits is terrific."
The Telegraph, 01/12.

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